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Healthy Choice For Model Cookbook

The Model Bakery Cookbook: 75 Favorite Recipes from the Beloved Napa Valley Bakery

price: $18.51 (new), $11.36 (used)
Featuring Oprah's 2016 Favorite Things English Muffins! This definitive baking guide is the much-anticipated cookbook from the Model Bakery, a mother-daughter–run baking destination with a huge local following that's been wowing the Wine Country for years. And this book of sensational artisan baked goods makes clear why there are lines out the door! Featuring 75 recipes and 60 photos, it's as luscious to look at as their most-requested breads, classic desserts, and fresh pastries—all arrayed here—are to eat. Pain au Levain, Sticky Buns, Peach Streusel Pie, Ginger Molasses Cookies, and many more glorious recipes make this a mouthwatering read and a reference gem for lovers of bread and pastry, cakes and cookies, and, of course, the Model Bakery!

Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook: 250 Amazing Paleo Diet Recipes

price: $9.99 (new), $8.99 (used)

A Paleo diet is extremely healthy and you should opt for it if you need to make a significant change in your life.

In addition, slow cooking is one of the most popular cooking methods these days that allows you to prepare delicious dishes for you and your loved ones.

Slow cooking helps you make healthy meals in a very simple way.

So, why shouldn't you combine a healthy diet with slow cooking?

The Paleo diet is one of the easiest and simple ones to follow. It brings you so many health benefits and it will help you lose weight in no time.

Under the cover you will find over 250 impressive Paleo slow cooked recipes!

  • Everyday easy to cook recipes
  • Meat, poultry, seafood recipes
  • Paleo friendly recipes
  • List of ingredients, cooking times, nutritional info

Have a look at some of the recipes you’re about to discover:

  • Fish and Tomatoes
  • Savory Chicken
  • Turkey and Orange Sauce
  • Butternut Squash Side Dish
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Lemon Pudding

...and many more!

Get your copy and start cooking!

The Healthy Model Cookbook

price: $20.35 (new), $3.70 (used)
High-end fashion model and 2014 MasterChef Australia contestant Sarah Todd shares more than 100 simple, fast, fresh recipes for healthy food that's satisfying and full of flavor. By combining smart shopping with loads of herbs and aromatic spices, Sarah celebrates the joy of cooking and eating the healthy food that keeps her looking her model best.

Microsoft Power BI Cookbook: Creating Business Intelligence Solutions of Analytical Data Models, Reports, and Dashboards

price: $59.99 (new), $61.03 (used)

Key Features

  • From connecting to your data sources to developing and deploying immersive, mobile-ready dashboards and visualizations, this book covers it all
  • Over 90 hands-on, technical recipes, tips, and use cases from across the Power BI platform including the Power BI Service and Mobile Applications
  • Proven development techniques and guidance for implementing custom solutions with DAX and M languages

Book Description

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence and analytics platform consisting of applications and services designed to provide coherent, visual and interactive insights of data.

This book will provide thorough, technical examples of using all primary Power BI tools and features as well as demonstrate high impact end-to-end solutions that leverage and integrate these technologies and services. Get familiar with Power BI development tools and services, go deep into the data connectivity and transformation, modeling, visualization and analytical capabilities of Power BI, and see Power BI’s functional programming languages of DAX and M come alive to deliver powerful solutions to address common, challenging scenarios in business intelligence.

This book will excite and empower you to get more out of Power BI via detailed recipes, advanced design and development tips, and guidance on enhancing existing Power BI projects.

What you will learn

  • Cleanse, stage, and integrate your data sources with Power BI
  • Abstract data complexities and provide users with intuitive, self-service BI capabilities
  • Build business logic and analysis into your solutions via the DAX programming language and dynamic, dashboard-ready calculations
  • Take advantage of the analytics and predictive capabilities of Power BI
  • Make your solutions more dynamic and user specific and/or defined including use cases of parameters, functions, and row level security
  • Understand the differences and implications of DirectQuery, Live Connections, and Import-Mode Power BI datasets and how to deploy content to the Power BI Service and schedule refreshes
  • Integrate other Microsoft data tools such as Excel and SQL Server Reporting Services into your Power BI solution

About the Author

Brett Powell is the owner of and business intelligence consultant at Frontline Analytics LLC, a data and analytics research and consulting firm and Microsoft Power BI partner. He has worked with Power BI technologies since they were first introduced as the SQL Server 2008R2 PowerPivot add-in for Excel 2010. He has contributed to the design and development of Microsoft and Power BI solutions of diverse scale and complexity across the retail, manufacturing, financial, and services industries. Brett regularly blogs and shares technical papers regarding the latest MSBI and Power BI features and development techniques and patterns at Insight Quest. He is also an organizer of the Boston BI User Group.

Table of Contents

  1. Configuring Your Power BI Development Tools
  2. Accessing and Retrieving Data
  3. Building a Power BI Data Model
  4. Authoring Power BI Reports
  5. Creating Power BI Dashboards
  6. Getting Serious with Date Intelligence
  7. Parameterizing Your Power BI Solutions
  8. Implementing Dynamic User-Based Visibility in Power BI
  9. Applying Advanced Analytics and Custom Visuals
  10. Developing Solutions for System Monitoring and Administration
  11. Enhancing and Optimizing Existing Power BI Solutions
  12. Deploying and Distributing Power BI Content
  13. Integrating Power BI with other Applications

Bodyart Cookbook: Performance Nutrition Professionals Rely On

price: $18.53 (new), $15.24 (used)
The BodyArt Cookbook gives you 300+ easy ways to eat clean, protein-rich meals when you're too busy to cook. It's the muscle-building, body-sculpting and bikini cookbook standard for thousands of fitness models, trainers, dancers and extreme athletes since 1998. Train as hard as you like, but 75% of muscle toning, body sculpting and keeping the last 10 pounds off is HOW you eat! If you want to sculpt your body, you need this book. These recipes have been battle-tested for over a decade by fitness professionals, olympians, bodybuilders, champion bobsleders, motocross, mma fighters, yoga and dance teachers alike. Now everyone can benefit from well kept industry secrets and formulas. The principles in this book can get you serious results: sustainable body-sculpting/toning, easy weight control, optimum athletic performance and easy blood sugar/energy balancing. • 300 easy meals that balance protein, carbs, fat, and fiber • adaptable to vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers • sustainable portion control that won't starve you • first cookbook designed around eating every 2-3 hours • simple kitchen and food prep designed for busy folks • step-by-step strategies to burn fat and fuel muscle Balancing protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber can be like chasing your tail and the last 10 pounds are the toughest to manage for busy people. Don't stress! This book was designed by a busy mom of three, yoga-pilates/gym studio owner and fitness competitor. Keep it simple and let these recipes do the work for you.

National Presto Cooker (Model '40') Recipe Book; Instructions and Cooking Time Tables

price: $2.50 (used)
This softcover basically tells you how to use and care for your Presto pressure cooker. Includes recipes for cereals, soups, vegetables, dried foods, meats, fish, poultry, desserts and sauces. Also included is a section on canning.

Cooking with Your Instant Pot® Mini: 100 Quick & Easy Recipes for 3-Quart Models

price: $16.77 (new)
The essential cookbook for any Instant Pot® Mini owner—with recipes perfectly sized to fit this small machine!
The Instant Pot® Mini has the same features as the #1 selling multicooker—at a compact size that’s just right for smaller families, couples, and singles. But how should home cooks convert recipes for this little machine? Reducing the recipes by half does not work; this cookbook will! Custom-made for this model, it features 100 recipes plus authorized operating basics for new owners. The delicious dishes range from French toast and homemade yogurt to Quinoa Pilaf, White Chicken Chili, and Mongolian Beef, to cheesecake and brownies. It’s amazing what this one pot will do!

Machine Learning with R Cookbook - Second Edition: Analyze data and build predictive models

price: $49.99 (new), $44.95 (used)

Explore over 110 recipes to analyze data and build predictive models with simple and easy-to-use R code

About This Book

  • Apply R to simplify predictive modeling with short and simple code
  • Use machine learning to solve problems ranging from small to big data
  • Build a training and testing dataset, applying different classification methods.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for data science professionals, data analysts, or people who have used R for data analysis and machine learning who now wish to become the go-to person for machine learning with R. Those who wish to improve the efficiency of their machine learning models and need to work with different kinds of data set will find this book very insightful.

What You Will Learn

  • Create and inspect transaction datasets and perform association analysis with the Apriori algorithm
  • Visualize patterns and associations using a range of graphs and find frequent item-sets using the Eclat algorithm
  • Compare differences between each regression method to discover how they solve problems
  • Detect and impute missing values in air quality data
  • Predict possible churn users with the classification approach
  • Plot the autocorrelation function with time series analysis
  • Use the Cox proportional hazards model for survival analysis
  • Implement the clustering method to segment customer data
  • Compress images with the dimension reduction method
  • Incorporate R and Hadoop to solve machine learning problems on big data

In Detail

Big data has become a popular buzzword across many industries. An increasing number of people have been exposed to the term and are looking at how to leverage big data in their own businesses, to improve sales and profitability. However, collecting, aggregating, and visualizing data is just one part of the equation. Being able to extract useful information from data is another task, and a much more challenging one. Machine Learning with R Cookbook, Second Edition uses a practical approach to teach you how to perform machine learning with R. Each chapter is divided into several simple recipes. Through the step-by-step instructions provided in each recipe, you will be able to construct a predictive model by using a variety of machine learning packages. In this book, you will first learn to set up the R environment and use simple R commands to explore data. The next topic covers how to perform statistical analysis with machine learning analysis and assess created models, covered in detail later on in the book. You'll also learn how to integrate R and Hadoop to create a big data analysis platform. The detailed illustrations provide all the information required to start applying machine learning to individual projects. With Machine Learning with R Cookbook, machine learning has never been easier.

Style and approach

This is an easy-to-follow guide packed with hands-on examples of machine learning tasks. Each topic includes step-by-step instructions on tackling difficulties faced when applying R to machine learning.

Rival Crock Pot Cookbook for Slow Cooker - Server Model 3150 3350 3355

price: $12.00 (used)
Rival Crock Pot Slow Electric Stoneware Cooker Cookbook, Cook Book Instruction Manual - Models 3300, 3100, 3101, 3102, 3103 - Paperback - 1970

price: $8.04 (used)
Pamphlet no date. 66p. 6.00x4.30x0.20 Models : 3300,3100,3101,3102,3103. GUIDE TO USED, CARE, CLEANING, RECIPES.

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